Case studies

Get inspired by stories of how professional users across the world employ Nortek’s instrumentation in their work.

A cutting-edge solution for advanced ocean research

A DVL with flexible system integration opens the door to new possibilities

Contributing to sustainable energy production from tidal turbines

How can we improve the feasibility of renewable tidal stream energy production?

A new, high-performing USV for ocean surveying

Playing a role in China’s maritime infrastructure drive

Reliable green power for seabed oil and gas installations

Field testing a new anti-biofouling technique for ADCPs

Collaborating to make small but powerful ROVs

Video: How the University of Miami's hurricane research is helping save lives

At the forefront of hurricane research with University of Miami

Improving storm surge forecasts with Doppler instrumentation

One of the most compact autonomous underwater vehicles ever produced

Keeping fisheries sustainable with groundbreaking new acoustic technology

Video: Nortek Vector deployed on an inter-tidal sandbank

Helping define the future of underwater vehicles

Video: Investigating transport and mixing at river confluences with Nortek's Vectrino

Turbulence study targets tidal-energy costs

Video: Improving the efficiency of ROV data collection

How Plymouth University students get to grips with measuring currents through hands-on experience

Video: Improving subsea navigation with state-of-the-art DVLs

Boosting Chile’s aquaculture with accurate Doppler measurements

Video: Enabling a breakthrough in hybrid underwater vehicles

How Bangor University students increase their understanding of sedimentation with Nortek

Video: Precision navigation for lightweight AUV's

World-class current and wave research with MERIKA

Improving navigational safety at US port with current and wave monitoring

Field observations of swash-zone dynamics with Vectrino velocimeter

AWAC used for wave measurement in ship wake study

Real-time wave data from a hurricane

Wave, current and tide monitoring systems help Chinese vessels to safety

Real-time data on waves, currents and more in Puerto Rico

Investigating the future of wave energy off the west coast of Lewis

Current and wave measurement in a large-scale wave flume

HR current profiling goes down to the small scale

Measuring currents in Irish tidal turbine project

Current measurement for nearshore canyon experiment

Chinese lab researchers use Vectrino to measure water flow

Measuring flow velocity in a large-scale wave flume

Nortek Vectors reveal turbulent water flow effects in marine ecosystems

Monitoring flow patterns in Venice lagoon

Adding to glider capability, retaining hydrodynamics

Real-world performance with accurate current measurement

Antarctic team measures currents under 275 m of ice with Aquadopp

WHOI study of tidal flats deploys Nortek current measurement sensors

Aquadopp improves HiPAP® performance

Improving glider navigation and location accuracy

Enabling novel design and operational efficiency for offshore installations in Trinidad and Tobago

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