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Nortek Spring 2020 Webinars are Live!

We are missing seeing all of you at conferences, workshops, and Nortek Days while we all stay home. So we are bringing Nortek to you in the safety of your own homes!

Those of us that work for Nortek are not used to staying put for very long. Visiting our clients, hosting workshops, catching up at conferences, and of course, getting out in the field and demonstrating our instrumentation are some of the most fun parts of our jobs. As most of us stay home now for the collective health and well being of people around the world, we did not want to completely forgo the interactions, networking, and information sharing our community thrives upon. So, we pulled together, invited a few instrument user friends, and put together a program to take place over the next couple months, which we sincerely hope you will enjoy. Our Spring webinars will be hosted via Zoom meeting and will allow you to ask questions or bring up points following the presentation. It's not the same as being there in person, but we hope it will be a close second and allow us to continue learning from your insight and incorporating your experiences into our products and capabilities. So, grab a coffee, tea, or something more fun if the time falls during that part of your day, and join us. We'd love to see you!

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