Speed log – NSL500


Speed log – NSL500

Speed Through Water measurements for navigation and current profiles for maritime applications.


  • IMO.96(72)/DNV Type Approval
  • An instrument that provides a higher level of accuracy
  • Self-calibrating (eliminates costly calibration runs)
  • Biofouling-resistant design
  • Easy installation for both new-builds and retrofits


  • The NSL500 is a groundbreaking Doppler speed log that combines precision with functionality to provide accurate measurements. A modern touchscreen display allows easy user interface and operation. It provides speed-through-water and speed-over-ground measurements as well as distance traveled, even in challenging conditions.

    The NSL500 also has the functionality of a vessel-mounted current profiler and can provide real-time current profiles up to 70m depth.


  • Accurate speed-through-water measurements
  • Current measurements for survey vessels
  • Vessel speed for performance monitoring
  • Monitoring currents for specialized offshore vessels

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    • Speed log – NSL500

      Speed range -10.0 to 40.0 knots
      Speed directions Provides speed in both longitudinal and transverse directions
      Speed resolution 0.1 knots
      STW accuracy 0.3% of measured value ± 0.3 cm/s
      Bottom track (SOG) < 200 m
      Bottom track accuracy ± 0.1% / ± 0.1 cm/s
      Operating temperature (HMI & IPC) -15 to 55 °C
      Operating temperature 0 to 55 °C
      Humidity Up to 95% (non-condensing)
      Storage temperature 1 to 55 °C
      Distance run 0-999,999.9 NM
      Distance sailed Trip counter function & resettable
      Distance accuracy 1% of distance run or 0.1 NM
    • Interfaces

      Serial output 6 NMEA RS-422 (IEC 61162)
      Serial input 6 NMEA RS-422/485 (IEC 61162)
      Digital input 4
      Digital output 4
      USB ports 4 x USB2.0 & 4 x USB3.0
      Supported NMEA sentences Output: VBW, VLW, MTW, PNRTQ, HBT, ALF, ALC, Input: VTG, ZDA, THS (default)/ HDT, DDC, ACN, DBT, DPT, MWV
    • Mechanical

      Instrument materials POM with titanium fasteners
      Instrument weight 7 kg
      Installation Instrument to be flush mounted with hull
      Sea valve material Ductile Iron (Body), Bronze (Seat)
      Sea valve weight 85 kg
      Bell housing material Steel EN10250,-2 / S355J2G3+N
      Bell housing weight 29 kg
      Interface cabinet material Coated steel RAL7035
      Interface cabinet weight 26 kg
      Main display 10” Multitouch panel
    • Instrument

      Operation frequency 500 kHz
      Temperature sensor range -4 to 40 °C
      Temperature accuracy 0.1 °C
      Pressure sensor Piezoresistive
      Compass Solid-state magnetometer
      Tilt Solid-state accelerometer
      AHRS Attitude sensor
      Power supply standard 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz
      Optional Instrument power supply 24 V DC
      Power consumption 125 W
      Max. peak current 1.5 A
      IP rating IP 68
    • Interface Cabinet (IPC)

      Power supply standard 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz
      Power consumption 240 W
      Max current 10 A
      IP rating IPC and JB IP44
    • Specifications

      Classification DNV-GL TAP-4.7, IACS E10
      Class includes IMO, MSC334(90), IEC 61023, IEC 60945, IEC 61162-1/2, IEC 62288, IEC 62923
    • Current profiling

      Minimum accuracy 0.3% of measured value ± 0.3 cm/s
      Velocity resolution 0.1 cm/s
      Maximum range 70 m
      Cell size 1 m

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    • Please contact us at maritime@nortekgroup.com for more information!


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